Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance which is associated with your travel issues. You would know that many problems like loss of luggage, delay of transport etc can occur while travelling. Sometimes we have to suffer due to cancellation of our travel plan.  We have to overcome money loss due to cancellation of pre-booked tickets for our journey. Any health issues or medical expenses may happen with us. Transportation facility may be not as good as promised to us. Perhaps we would face Accidents or some other bad incidents during travel. We may get injured or ill. To short out all these problems if they would occur, we are advised to take travel insurance before travelling.

Thus  a ‘travel insurance’  ensures  a comfortable journey and gives the way to tackle the problem or emergency occurred due to travelling or during the travelling .It gives us a compensative or financial solutions (if need)  to our travel problems. At least it lessens the problem or loss if it cannot abolish them completely.  In other words,  a travel insurance gives the coverage  against the risks of the travels.

The schemes of the travel insurance may be categorized as Domestic & International travel schemes. The travel insurance for domestic travels is low cost in comparison with international travels. Some countries like USA have high cost insurance due to high medical expenses. Now, if we talk about the period of insurance, it is short term.   The insurance policy may be for a single trip or for multiple trips but within a time frame. The insurance companies provide travel insurance for an individual as well as for a group of people.

If you have applied for a visa, the foreign embassy would advice or emphasized you to take travel insurance before travelling to his country so that they may not suffer to cover risks of your travel. Many countries have made it compulsory to take a travel insurance policy before coming to their nations.

A Travel Insurance Policy can give you coverage against the following risks of your travel:

  • Flight cancellation or delay by the airlines authority
  • Flight cancellation due to some of your specific reasons
  • Trip cancellation or any interruption
  • Flight missed due to rescheduling or delay
  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Stealing of your articles or personal documents
  • Medical expenses regarding your sudden illness or other health issues
  • Flight hijacking or accidental cases
  • Any injury or death issues
  • Delayed travel due to bad weather

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