Tourist Visa

Are you planning a tour in abroad? Do you want to spend your holidays in the beautiful and adventurous places of the foreign nations?  If you are curious and little worried about the budget it requires? If YES, then you are in the right place.

We provide the Tourist/ Visitor/Travel Visa for the following countries

Thailand , Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,  Maldives , Switzerland,  united kingdom,  United States of America , Dubai , Russia, china and Europe

As far as the matter of visa is concerned, no need to get confused regarding the words such as tourist visa, visitor visa, or travel visa.  But generally these words have the same meaning. But in the view of immigration these correspond to different purposes.

Tourist visa is the ‘Visa to visit another country as a tourist’.

Visitor visa is also the same thing but it is mostly used when you have to go to another country to visit your friends or relatives   or for medical treatment or attaining business meeting and conferences.   The visitor visa is generally given for up to 6 month’s duration.

If we talk about India, the foreigners are given tourist visa for the maximum duration of 6 months on each visit.

Whereas in USA you can get 10 year’s  multiple entry visa. These facilities vary nation to nation.

Apart from this, there are some nations which give entry of Indians in their countries only on seeing Indian passports.

Jamaica, Hong Kong , Nepal, Bhutan , Macau, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Indonesia , Maldives etc are such nations which do not demand visa from you.

There are also some nations which provide visa on arrival. But to stay in these nations with an Indian passport the duration is limited and it varies nation to nation.

For e.g. Cambodia provides visa on arrival for maximum 30 days.

The facility to entre with passport or visa on arrival changes time to time as the strategy employed by the foreign nations.

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